Our turn to introduce Mafalda – By Ana and Joana


Before I met Mafalda I had only been to Spain. She was the one who introduced me to this little thing called plane and who guided me through a labyrinth called airport. Nowadays, thanks to her I have been to London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Budapest, Barcelona, Palma de Maiorca, Valencia, among others.

The world is her living room and she is doing a great job decorating it.

Mafalda sees beyond expectations and respects each culture like It was her own, that’s why her pictures are the best, they aren’t a portrait, but a reminder that the world is so much more than what meets the eye.

Ana Costa



Me and Mafalda met 7 years ago and our first trip together was just the two of us, flying to Poland.

We were 20 years old at the time, it was our first couchsurfing experience and I couldn’t be in better hands. 5 years have passed and me and Mafalda are still friends with Anna, the girl who hosted us in Poland. And since then, Mafalda developed their friendship and had the opportunity to travel with her, as well. Mafalda is just like this, she can captivate people with her incredible heart and her own way to see the world.

Being her friend is challenging and more than that is just the best thing it can happen to you, she can warm your heart with just a few words. She has got her way with words, that’s true. She has got her way with photography too, she is just the best at expressing what she is feeling in that place just with one photo and that is just awesome. She can transmit the vibration of the place into one espetacular photography. She loves to travel, she likes to get inspired by the world and the different people that live in it, and she can definitely inspire people to go to places by just sharing her point of view about it and with her incredible photos.

Mafalda is just awesome. She is totally the best friend that you can have in your life. So glad to have her on my life, I am sure you will too.

Joana Amorim


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